Here's a bit of our history and why we claim to be the longest-running record show in the world.

Don Keele and Linda Coyle founded the show as The Records and Related Collectables Show & Sale in 1976. Lorne and Mary VanSinclair took ownership in 1983 while Don and Linda remained actively involved as vendors. Joe Cornelisse took over as of 2017. Other record shows started earlier but as far as we know, none of them is still active.

show_yfm_1For the first ten years we were in the York Farmers Market in Thornhill, just north of Toronto. We had about 40 vendors amidst covered-up displays of farm-fresh vegetables and dead chickens. The show gained a reputation among Toronto collectors for having a wide variety of great music and some of the best vendors on the continent. Many of them are still with us today.

show_qlc_line1In 1986 we moved to the Queensway Lions' Centre in the south west part of Toronto. The move was a bit traumatic, we loved the Farmers' Market but they had other plans. With the extra space though we quickly grew to become the largest record show in Canada, always keeping that wide variety of music and great vendors.

In 2000 the Lions Centre closed so again we had a forced move. We chose Rinx, a hockey rink on Orfus Rd. near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

In terms of attendance and number of vendors; our Rinx shows were the most successful we ever had. In terms of customer satisfaction; not so good. There were a number of issues but primarily, there was not enough parking. Rinx was a good venue but they were not prepared to handle our type of show.

Icapitol_entrancen July 2002, we moved to The Capitol Banquet Centre in Mississauga. We briefly tried other locations but we have found the Capitol suits us best and we intend to stay here for as long as possible. We feel welcome; other collector shows have set up here so it's a collector-friendly atmosphere, everything runs smoothly.

Check out our Picture Gallery for more pictures dating back to the York Farmers' Market days.